Ministry of Information Technology Jobs & Telecommunication Jobs 2021

Apply Online for the Ministry of Information Technology Jobs & Telecommunication Jobs 2021 is available. The advertisement for this job vacancy is published in the newspaper.

Ministry of Information Technology Jobs & Telecommunication Jobs 2021

MOIT Jobs NITB under the PSDP project is seeking highly dedicated and potential candidates for this job. Candidates who are applying for the post must be highly professional in their work.

This job is on a year contract and the recruitment will be totally on the merit base. Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication is available. MOIT which is working under the Government of Pakistan which is going to set up an Information Technology Park in Islamabad.

The Project Management Unit (PMU) will execute the project. NITB requires dynamic, professional, and hardworking applicants for their upcoming projects. They are recruiting around 18 individuals, Check the positions from below in order to apply.

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Ministry of Information Technology Jobs 2021 Latest Apply Online

Positions For MOIT:

Sr. NoPost NameNo. of Posts
1.Lab Administrator01
2.Digital Software Specialist01
3.Social Media Expert01
4.IT Manager01
5.Graphic Designer01

Eligibility Criteria:

Masters/Bachelors/Information/Matric/Primary qualification for the relevant position and experience in the relevant field is required to apply.

Posted Date:25 August 2021
Organization:Ministry of Information and Broadcasting MOIB
No. of Posts:05
Education:Bachelor, Master
Job Location:Islamabad
Address:Section Officer (E.I) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Room No. 4153, 4th Floor, Cabinet Block, Islamabad
Last Date:September 01, 2021

How to Apply For MOIT Jobs 2021

Application form can be downloaded from the website of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Islamabad ‘or’ click below.

Or those who want to send in hard copy so they have send application through courier service. Applicants are required to write the Name of Post in the applications and Envelopes. Your application must have these documents:

  • Qualification Degree / Certificate
  • Domicile
  • Computerized CNIC
  • Recent Passport Size photograph

The last date to apply is September 01, 2021.

Address: Section Officer (E.I) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Room No. 4153, 4th Floor, Cabinet Block, Islamabad.

Application’s Deadline: The last date is September 01, 2021.

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting MOIB Jobs 2021 Advertisement:

Ministry of Information Technology Jobs & Telecommunication Jobs 2021

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