List of Pass Candidates CSS Exams Result 2021

Download List of Pass Candidates CSS Exams Result 2021

CSS Exams Result 2021 of Successful and Rejected candidates can be checked here. Now you can check the Federal Public Service Commission FPSC Website announced List of Pass Candidates. FPSC Federal Public Service Commission is pleased to notify the following candidates as qualified in the final interview part of Competitive Written Examination CSS 2021 and other related prerequisites/requirements specified therein.

According to a press released by FPSC, 39,650 are the total candidates who applied for the exam, of which 17,240 appeared and only 364 passed the written portion. This year passing percentage of written exam is 2.11% which is higher than the passing percentage of last year which was 2.03%.

List of Pass Candidates CSS Exams New Result 2021

Candidates Applied39,650
Candidates Appeared17,240
Candidates Passed in Written Exams364
Pass Percentage of Written Exam2.11%
Candidates finally qualified after Viva VoceWaiting
Pass percentage of finally qualified candidatesWaiting
Candidates recommended for appointmentWaiting
Male CandidatesWaiting
Female CandidatesWaiting

Instructions List of Pass Candidates CSS Exam Result 2021:

  1. Click below the complete list to download the PDF file of List of Pass Candidates CSS Exams Result 2021.
  2. Marks obtained by candidates will be displayed on Federal FPSC’s website.
  3. Success in this examination confers no right to appointment, List of Pass Candidates CSS Result 2021 which will be subject to verification of character and antecedents as required List of Pass Candidates CSS Result 2021 under the Civil Servants Act, 1973 and rules made thereunder.
  4. Due care has been taken to ensure accuracy and correctness in the compilation of these results.
  5. However, Commission reserves the right of rectifying any error and/or omission, etc. at any
  6. All recommended candidates are directed to contact List of Pass Candidates CSS Result 2021 SO Section Officer (T-V) Establishment Division Islamabad, for further correspondence.

Download List of Pass Candidates (Pdf)
Download List of Rejected Candidates (Pdf)

Competitive Written Examination CSS Exam Result 2021:

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